Jul. 13th, 2008

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11.1 13 reasons you have to get out of bed.

1. I'm late for another shift at the restaurant.
2. My grandmother made me take her shopping.
3. Family get togethers. Nothing more important. Except when your nephews hammer on your door at 8am, demanding Uncle Carlos come show them some magic.
4. Harry's on the phone, asking me to help watch his backside in Chicago - again.
5. Vampires have taken a Warden prisoner. Gotta get him back, dead or alive.
6. Exorcisms won't wait till a decent hour of the day.
7. Nor will hunting down lost kids.
8. Morgan rings up, telling me to get to some place or another yesterday - they've got information on the position of the Red King.
9. As much as I want to, I can't miss a Council Meeting. Even if it means leaving early to get to Chicago.
10. Time to chat up Elaine Mallory again.
11. Dreams of the Trailman twins haunt me.
12. So do the faces of all the dead warlocks.
13. It's a beautiful morning. One of those 'not to be wasted' days.

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