Jul. 19th, 2008

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You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old

It’s the big family gatherings that are the hardest. My family is large – both my parents have four brothers and sisters each, and I’m the youngest of six. That adds up to an awful lot of nieces and nephews and cousins and whatever the hell comes after that.

The hard part is when I look around and see them all. Knowing that I’ll outlive each and every one of them. Not conceit. Fact.

You see, I’m a wizard. I’d say look me up in the phone book, but that’s actually a friend’s schtick. I tend not to advertise that way. The one thing about wizards is their life expectancy. Long doesn’t even really come close. Assuming I don’t die in this war we’re fighting – which is always a possibility, given how much time I spend on the front lines, I can expect to live around five hundred years, give or take a decade or two.

I’m twenty six now.

It’s all to do with how our cells work. Most people, when their cells renew after an injury, they degrade. Not with wizards. When their cells replicate, they produce a nearly perfect copy. Entropy eventually catches up on them, but not for a long time. So, long life.

That’s not to say I haven’t aged. Considering all I’ve been through, it’s not really surprising. War ages anyone, especially when you end up injured. Some of my family notice it, though they don’t say anything. To do that, they’d have to admit the danger in my life.

Instead, my nephews settle for pushing me into the water and watching me laugh at them. Memories that will last no matter how long I live.

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