Aug. 29th, 2008

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You are allowed to place three items from your lifetime into a box that will be opened in fifty years. What do you put in, and why?

Three things that sum up me? You don’t want much, do you?

Ok. First of all a picture of my family. It’s clichéd, I know, but there is a good reason people choose that. For me, it represents what I’ve spent the last few years fighting for, because without the likes of me and Harry stepping up to the fight, who’ll protect them?

On that note, the second thing, which is on the same theme, I know. The tassel from my sword. An unusual choice, but then, who uses a sword these days anyway? I lost the first one a while ago, but since then, a friend and I have collecting vampire fangs from the many we’ve killed over the last few years. Not as bad as ‘he gets the left, I get right’, but it’s close. It helps remind me what I fight for.

Final item. Hell, what sums up my life so far other than fighting? No, I know. A copy of Fantasia on DVD. Why? The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Every kid I know wanted to make brooms clean up for them, and when my magic developed, I wanted it even more. Even went as far as creating floods (completely accidentally, you’ve got to understand). But it kind of sums up how I dealt with magic as a kid.

Carlos Ramirez
Dresden Files (bookverse)
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