Sep. 4th, 2008

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Prompt set 17.2

13 Things to do when the power is out.

1 Light the candles. Not exactly an unusual occurrence for me, given I blow lights out regularly.
2 Catch up on sleep. When you spend as much time as I do on the move, your own bed is a little piece of heaven.
3 Make up some potions. Who needs power? Gas, candlelight and time is all you need.
4 Make up scary ghost stories to frighten the nieces and nephews. Great excuse for quality family time.
5 Read. The old favorite, but it’s there for a reason.
6 Ring around, checking on the other Wardens, and Harry. It’s a dangerous job we have, gotta keep in touch.
7 Go visit my grandmother, check she is ok.
8 Go for a walk. The streets of LA might seem an odd place to go for a walk, but it’s satisfying to feel the streets beneath my feet.
9 Catch up on friends. I’m a handy source of candles, after all.
10 Write up reports. A craptastic job, but it needs to be done.
11 Check my staff, it’s been leaking magic. The spells on it probably need redoing.
12 Tidy the apartment.
13 Ring Elaine Mallory, ask her out again. She’ll turn me down, but hey, it’s fun.


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