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13 things you'd like to pass onto your children

1. Magic. Though, if they aren't magical that's cool too.
2. My stunning good looks.
3. Sense of responsibility.
4. Awareness of their heritage. I'm proud of mine.
5. A supernatural world free of war.
6. A sense of right and wrong.
7. A close family.
8. My sparkling wit and personality.
9. Joy in learning (okay, I love learning about magic, but there is something satisfying about learning something new).
10. The ability to think fast on your feet.
11. A sense of loyalty to friends.
12. Anything magical I've made over the years - my staff, my shield glove and the like.
13. A love of life.

Carlos Ramirez
Dresden Files
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Prompt 27-1 - 13 of the best gifts.

Partially RP based

1. The wood used to make my first staff.
2. The copy of Fantasia I got for my eleventh birthday. The Sorcerer's Apprentice turned out to be way too prophetic.
3. The bike I got when I was ten. Gave me freedom to cause my usual chaos all over the neighborhood.
4. My apartment. More than I was ever expecting, and makes my life, with the inability I have to hold down a 'normal' job (always difficult when you are called all over the world at a moment's notice) easier.
5. The necklace Molly gave me for my birthday.
6. The first handgun I got - my dad knew what my job was like.
7. Life. After being so badly injured a few times, the point when you wake up, knowing you will be alright is a gift.
8. The love of my family and friends.
9. The family bible Michael gave me for my birthday. It was a real sign of acceptance from him and Charity.
10. The gift of magic. Really, is there anything better?
11. The anemone from Aphrodite - how many people can say they got given a symbolic flower from the Greek Goddess of Love?
12. My engagement ring.
13. [locked]Molly in the Leia slave outfit.[/locked]

Carlos Ramirez
Dresden Files
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20.2 - 13 questions you want answered.

1 Why is there always one mouldy apple at the back of the fridge?
2 Why haven't Black Court Vampires developed a new deodorant?
3 Why won't they leave me alone! Honestly, it's not like I have time for a girlfriend at the moment.
4 Why can't I use fire magic?
5 Since when did being a Regional Commander mean I have to answer the phone at 4am?
6 Where does my beer go?
7 No seriously, who is drinking my beer?
8 Why does potion making go so wrong if you turn away for one minute?
9 Why does my nephew feel the need to wake me at 6am?
10 When did I start to know who was ringing me up (I'm looking at you Harry, it's like I'm clairvoyant at times)
11 When does watching friends get injured and die get easier?
12 Why are Council meetings still in Latin?
13 What is Molly Carpenter doing this weekend?
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Prompt set 17.2

13 Things to do when the power is out.

1 Light the candles. Not exactly an unusual occurrence for me, given I blow lights out regularly.
2 Catch up on sleep. When you spend as much time as I do on the move, your own bed is a little piece of heaven.
3 Make up some potions. Who needs power? Gas, candlelight and time is all you need.
4 Make up scary ghost stories to frighten the nieces and nephews. Great excuse for quality family time.
5 Read. The old favorite, but it’s there for a reason.
6 Ring around, checking on the other Wardens, and Harry. It’s a dangerous job we have, gotta keep in touch.
7 Go visit my grandmother, check she is ok.
8 Go for a walk. The streets of LA might seem an odd place to go for a walk, but it’s satisfying to feel the streets beneath my feet.
9 Catch up on friends. I’m a handy source of candles, after all.
10 Write up reports. A craptastic job, but it needs to be done.
11 Check my staff, it’s been leaking magic. The spells on it probably need redoing.
12 Tidy the apartment.
13 Ring Elaine Mallory, ask her out again. She’ll turn me down, but hey, it’s fun.
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14.2 13 injuries you've had

1 Broken arm from falling out of a tree as a kid
2 Cut lip
3 Broken fingers
4 Broken leg
5 Concussion
6 Torn muscles
7 Deep cut in the forehead
8 Dislocated knee
9 Sprained ankle
10 Four broken ribs
11 Pair of dislocated shoulders
12 Knife in the calf
13 Nearly being disembowelled by a throwing knife at 200 mph in the guts

Carlos Ramirez
The Dresden Files
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Prompt set 13.4 13 Items in your fridge

1 McAnally's beer. I know, it shouldn't be cold. Tough.
2 Soda. Lots of it.
3 Chillies
4 Cold pizza. Not sure how long it's been there, actually.
5 Some left overs from the restaurant Mom obviously dropped off.
6 Milk.
7 A potion of speed.
8 Fruit.
9 Cheese.
10 Cold coffee, ready to use in a potion.
11 Herbs.
12 Some limp looking salad.
13 Chocolate. What, have you never seen a wizard's metabolism?

Carlos Ramirez
The Dresden Files
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12.2 - 13 Reasons you do the job you do.

1. Who else would?
2. I'm still holding out for that sponsorship deal.
3. The sense of satisfaction when you give someone peace - be it after an exorcism, finding a lost kid, or whatever
4. Helping someone realise they have magic in them, and watching their face light up. It never gets old.
5. If I don't stand up and fight, who will? The vamps would then have free reign to feed on whoever they want.
6. I get to see the world for free.
7. Boys and their toys. Most normal people get their gadgets, I get the latest wizardly toys.
8. That pesky little sense of responsibility. Even at 26, I'm hit by it.
9. I get to spend time with that cute goth girl in Chicago.
10. It's a great way to impress people, even though I shouldn't. Who cares?
11. Who else understands what wizards go through apart from other wizards? It's like a giant club house at times.
12. I'm one of the good guys, at least, so I've been told.
13. Honestly, at the end of the day? Magic is cool.

Carlos Ramirez
The Dresden Files
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11.1 13 reasons you have to get out of bed.

1. I'm late for another shift at the restaurant.
2. My grandmother made me take her shopping.
3. Family get togethers. Nothing more important. Except when your nephews hammer on your door at 8am, demanding Uncle Carlos come show them some magic.
4. Harry's on the phone, asking me to help watch his backside in Chicago - again.
5. Vampires have taken a Warden prisoner. Gotta get him back, dead or alive.
6. Exorcisms won't wait till a decent hour of the day.
7. Nor will hunting down lost kids.
8. Morgan rings up, telling me to get to some place or another yesterday - they've got information on the position of the Red King.
9. As much as I want to, I can't miss a Council Meeting. Even if it means leaving early to get to Chicago.
10. Time to chat up Elaine Mallory again.
11. Dreams of the Trailman twins haunt me.
12. So do the faces of all the dead warlocks.
13. It's a beautiful morning. One of those 'not to be wasted' days.

Carlos Ramirez
The Dresden Files
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1 Magic doesn’t run in my family.
2 I chose to become a Warden, but some days, I’m not sure if I made the right choice.
3 I do what I do to protect those I love, my family and friends.
4 Every time a warlock is executed in front of me, I have to fight the urge to save them.
5 My confidence is an effective facade. My mentor always told me ‘smile at your enemies, Carlos. It confuses the hell out of them’.
6 I’m getting fed up of ending up injured when I’m around Harry Dresden. I mean, how many times do you need to end up in hospital?
7 I take what I do seriously. Security, training, fighting vamps in a duel? I’ll give my all, no question.
8 The coolest thing I’ve ever done? Ridden a T-Rex into battle.
9 Instead of ‘seeing’ in soulgazes, I get a lot of music, with very little imagery. It was confusing to get them that way at first, but now music tells me so much.
10 I’m the youngest ever Regional Commander of the Wardens there has ever been. While it’s great that it’s me, the fact I made it at 23 tells you how badly the war is going.
11 If it’s female and is human, I’ll flirt with it. The prettier the better. I avoid ghouls and vamps though.
12 [locked]I’m a 26 year old virgin.[/locked]
13 [locked] I might have a small case of hero-worship with regards to Harry, but I’ll never admit it in public.[/locked]

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