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Prompt 27-1 - 13 of the best gifts.

Partially RP based

1. The wood used to make my first staff.
2. The copy of Fantasia I got for my eleventh birthday. The Sorcerer's Apprentice turned out to be way too prophetic.
3. The bike I got when I was ten. Gave me freedom to cause my usual chaos all over the neighborhood.
4. My apartment. More than I was ever expecting, and makes my life, with the inability I have to hold down a 'normal' job (always difficult when you are called all over the world at a moment's notice) easier.
5. The necklace Molly gave me for my birthday.
6. The first handgun I got - my dad knew what my job was like.
7. Life. After being so badly injured a few times, the point when you wake up, knowing you will be alright is a gift.
8. The love of my family and friends.
9. The family bible Michael gave me for my birthday. It was a real sign of acceptance from him and Charity.
10. The gift of magic. Really, is there anything better?
11. The anemone from Aphrodite - how many people can say they got given a symbolic flower from the Greek Goddess of Love?
12. My engagement ring.
13. [locked]Molly in the Leia slave outfit.[/locked]

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