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May. 20th, 2009 08:46 pm
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Picture prompt - Alone

“How is he”? Carlos asked the figure sitting slumped next to the hospital bed.

Molly turned, looking up at him, looking older than he’d ever seen her. She was sitting, her legs tucked under her, arms wrapped round her legs. Classic defensive posture, Carlos noted. He’d heard some of what had happened on the island, but he got a lot more information just by looking at Molly.

“Still mostly out of it,” she said eventually. “He does wake up now and then, but he’s exhausted.”

Carlos grabbed a chair from outside the room, and brought it in, sitting down. “And you?” he asked. She was too young to be dragged into every little thing that Harry had thrown at him, he thought to himself. Even if she did want to help. “I heard you helped to protect Morgan.”

Molly looked up at him with wide eyes, almost as if she was worried that they would be overheard. Carlos avoided looking at her for too long. The last thing he needed with all the prodding and poking he’d undergone lately was a soul gaze. “It’s okay, McCoy told me,” Carlos said quietly.

She looked at him for a bit longer, then back at Harry. “I just wanted to help,” she said eventually. “I thought I was.”

Carlos smiled at her. “Hey, you did. You gave Harry the time he needed. We got the proof.”

Molly gave him a shocked look, then suddenly did something he didn’t expect. She stood up, walked round to Carlos, and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, Warden Ramirez,” she said, then yawned. “I’m tired, and my folks will be worried. Are you going to be here for a while?”

Carlos nodded, frowning slightly. Her reaction was not what he expected. “Probably till the morning. Wizard McCoy should be arriving then.”

Molly nodded, then headed for the door, but she turned back, and looked at him. “Are you... did they...?” She didn’t want to ask the question.

Carlos closed his eyes, remembering the pain as they unravelled what Peabody had done to him. “I’m fine now,” he said. “It hurt though.” This was said eventually, as an afterthought.

Molly looked at him, then smiled. “I’m glad it’s over though. See you tomorrow, Warden.”

Carlos watched the empty door frame where Molly had been. Had he missed something? It was like there was something she didn’t want to say. He shook his head, and settled back in his seat, pulling out a book from the tattered old gym bag he had with him. Harry needed friends around.

Carlos Ramirez
Dresden Files
Word Count: 430
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