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Comment with five numbers between 1 and 100, and I will answer the corresponding questions from this list..

Yes. I know I've done this on Tosh, but Carlos demanded I post it.
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Your result for The Heart Test...

Hero's Heart

You are 80% Independent, 70% Idealistic, 40% Intimate, and 70% Indulgent!

The Hero's Heart

Independent, Idealistic, Passionate, Indulgent

You are the most gallant of hearts, the Hero's Heart. You stand tall on your own, and hold high ideals of love and romance, valuing harmony and closeness with a mate, but are passionate and fiery - a true knight in shining armor, looking for your prince/princess and more than willing to beat down the dragon to get them. You may not feel the need to be loved, as you enjoy your heroic quests, but you do hope to someday find your damsel/gentlemen in distress, rescue them, and go riding into a happily ever after.

Matches for the Hero's Heart:

The Slave to Emotions

The Slave to Emotions is idealistic and values harmony as you do, but is more intimate, something you can greatly understand, and craves love more. Being an idealist, you can appreciate such a person, and being the hero that you are, desire to be the one to break their emotional chains and set them free by making them feel loved, which is what the Slave desires above all other things. You will get great satisfaction from rescuing the Slave from their bindings.

The Lonely Heart

The Lonely Heart needs to be loved, and being a hero, you will be able to see through their harder outward appearance to see the true intimate and caring person inside. Lonely Hearts crave love, and though they are more practical than you are, you will greatly admire their differences and feel a true bond with them.

Your exact opposite is Broken Heart.

Avoid Explicits when possible. You value harmony and closeness, and don't want that to be disrupted. Also avoid Independents, as you would feel more comfortable being the rescuer, and might not feel a connection with someone who is as self-sufficient as you are.

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fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 Quizzes - Blog Quiz


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