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Picture Prompt

There was no warning. Carlos blinked as he yelled, “Myers, get that fucking portal open, or we’re dead!” He tried to put himself between the oncoming vampires and the kids – oh god, so young – when suddenly everything lurched.

He stood there for a moment, stunned. He felt physically sick, then a powerful headache threatened to force him to his knees. Just as quickly the sensation was gone. He shook his head slightly, clearing the haze that hung over it. What the hell had just happened? He heard noise, shouting, and turned to look.

Harry. What the fuck was going on here? The White Court that sometimes hung around with Harry was there, as was his cop friend, Murphy. He realised that one of the vampires he thought he’d dissolved into dust was coming towards him, and with a hoarse yell fired a blast of energy at tit, hoping to buy him some time. It was swiftly followed up by Murphy firing her gun at it, leaving Harry time to finish it off. Tag team vampire killing.

“Thanks,” Carlos said, breathing heavily as he turned to Harry.

“What the fuck just happened?” Myers demanded, heading over to the group. “You went all... funky there.”

“Funky? How?” Carlos asked, bemused.

“Like you faded in and out,” Myers said. “And how did Dresden know where to be?”

Carlos blinked. He had felt strange, but... The memory of whatever had come over him was fading. He shook his head. “I dunno. Harry?” He turned to Harry to see his friend giving him a quizzical look.

“Luck,” Harry shrugged after a moment. “And Luccio was worried, asked me to take a look.”

“Well, your timing is kinda good,” Carlos grinned, looking at the dead vampires. “Let’s get these kids home.”

Carlos found he couldn’t settle when he got back home. He always felt like that to some extent, but it was worse today, much worse than normal. Like something was missing. He prowled around his apartment, before giving up and heading to his parent’s restaurant.

“What’s wrong?” his father asked, as he walked it. “It’s not your shift, you never come in early. Unless you’re hungry that is.”

“Papa, I’m a wizard. I’m always hungry,” he replied, grabbing a plate, and helping himself. “You need more chilli in that,” he said, after tasting it.

“Who made you chef?” his father laughed. Carlos blinked, then stared at him.

“I, uh... I don’t know,” he said softly frowning, finishing off his food in silence.

He walked back home slowly, trying to work out what was wrong. He wanted to go to Chicago badly, for some reason. He shrugged the feeling away. He was getting sentimental.

Life went on. Carlos discovered a tattoo he didn’t remember getting on his inner thigh, but he kept it to himself. Time passed. The war appeared to be on hold, the wizards rebuilt their numbers. All was good.

One day, he found a ring in his apartment. He picked it up, frowning at it. Silver, with purple stones.

And it fit perfectly on his ring finger. He started wearing it around his neck for no good reason other than he could

Trips to Chicago. He noticed Molly, smiled at her, flirted, but remembering Harry’s earlier warning, did nothing more.

Then Morgan was accused of murder, and all hell broke loose.

Carlos had caught sight of Molly at Edinburgh, watching him thoughtfully, before McCoy had asked him to join him in checking Peabody’s quarters. The sudden realisation that Peabody had been manipulating the Council for years, and that Carlos may have been directly affected by it was terrifying to the young wizard.

“Wait here, son, while we confront him,” McCoy had said. “Sit down, try to think of all the times you’ve been alone with him.” McCoy left, and shut the door.

Stuck there for his, and everyone else’s safety, there wasn’t a lot else Carlos could do. He sat and thought, but Molly kept intruding on his thoughts. The way she’d looked at him. He wondered if he should just bite the bullet and ask her out. Harry would never know, not just for one date...


Memories locked away suddenly reappearing. Pocket dimension. Time there, passing. Molly. Her birthday, when he admitted how he’d felt about her. Meeting her parents. Their engagement...

His mind reeled, but he stood up, stunned.

He remembered. Finally.

Carlos Ramirez
Dresden Files
Word Count: 732
Takes place when Carlos leaves the rp verse Haurvatat, letting him explore what happens back home.
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